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Contender World Championship 2017

Sønderborg Yacht-Club is proud and happy to welcome you to the Contender World Championship 2017

The Worlds Championship will take place from the 15. July to 21. July 2017.

A Tune-up regatta / Danish Open Championship will take place over 3 days on the 12. July, 13. July and the 14. July.

Both championships are open to all members of the Contender Class.

You can register for the Tune-up/Danish Open here :  Entry Tune-Up Danish Open 2017  and for Contender World Championship here : Entry World Championship.

All the sailing related information will be posted on the website. If you don't have an account for manage2sail, you can create one before you make your entry.

All practical information and social information will be posted on this club website

We will do our outmost to make this a great event on the water as well as on land.


With sailor regards


Flemming Clausen                                                 Finn Halberg
President (responsible on water)                           Vicepresident (responsible on land)